Product description

The reason why H2O Biotech is committed to develop Hydrogen Water products
Water is an important source of life, which is accounting about 70% of the body weight. Oxygen, nutrients and etc need to be transported throughout the body with the help of water. In short, water in the body maintains our health.

However, studies have shown that more than 90% of people do not know the right way to drink water. Most people only drink water when they feel thirsty. Only few people have good habits of drinking water. Moreover, people who are sedentary, often staying up late, and exercising a lot are more likely lack of water.

Studies also found that drink water can improve three core functions of the body:
1. Metabolic function – sufficient water helps to remove metabolites, as well as helps to accelerate blood circulation.
2. Immune function – lack of water will cause immunity decreased.
3. Antioxidant function – sufficient water helps to improve the body’s antioxidant function and eliminate free radicals.

Nevertheless, many people only concern about the safety of water, but this is not enough. People with good economic conditions should upgrage from safety water to healthy water, which is good water or quality water. Of course, this does not mean we cannot drink tap water. Tap water is safe to drink after boiled, but most cities still cannot meet the requirements of good water.

After recognizing the importance of healthy water, H2O Biotech Sdn Bhd has introduced a range of Hydrogen Water products, namely hydrogen water bottle, hydrogen beauty spray and hydrogen ion stick.

Why hydrogen water is recognized as quality water?
The word of “水素(Hydrogen)” is origin from Japan, which means “hydrogen” in Japanese. Hydrogen molecules are the smallest atoms in the world and have strong penetrating power, so can easily absorbed by human body. Therefore, hydrogen water is also called as “hydrogen-rich water”.

4 Benefits of Hydrogen Water to human body:
1. Eliminate free radicals
Free radicals in cells are prone to diseases or aging, while molecules of hydrogen are small enough to penetrate into the cells and remove free radicals in cells.

2. Improve metabolism
Eliminate free radicals to protect the liver and improve the ability of the liver to metabolize fat. At the same time, it can repair damaged cells and activate 60 trillion cells viability of the body, as well as activate the mitochondria that can burn fat. Good metabolism not only helps to prevent from gain weight, but also can improve the high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes and other problems caused by metabolic syndrome.

3. Improve intestinal health
Hydrogen water can help to balance bacterial flora, promote the proliferation of probiotic, and improve constipation.

4. Enhance physical strength
Hydrogen can reduce the accumulation of “lactic acid” caused by muscles during exercise, and also relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise.

HITAWA’s product range:
The product brand using by H2O Biotech is “HITAWA”. At present, HITAWA has 3 products: HITAWA Hydrogen Water Bottle, HITAWA Hydrogen Beauty Spray and HITAWA Hydrogen Stick.

HITAWA Hydrogen Bottle
4 Benefits of HITAWA Hydrogen Bottle:

1. Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) reaches -500mv to -700mv, with strong antioxidant capability.
HITAWA hydrogen water can slow down the body’s oxidation process, strengthen immune system and increase cell vitality.
The 6 benefits of ORP: first, to improve metabolism; second, to improve arteriosclerosis; third, to enhace enzyme activation and reduce liver burden; fourth, to regulate autonomic nerve; fifth, to improve intestinal health; sixth, pain relief and inflammation and help to accelerate wound healing.

2. The active hydrogen content reaches 500 ppb to 1000 ppb, which can effectively remove free radicals.
Hydrogen water electrolyzed by HITAWA Hydrogen Water Bottle has active hydrogen content of between 500 ppb to 1000 ppb. Water rich in active hydrogen has the effect of improving disease because it can remove free radicals in the body.

3. Small water molecules, which can easily absorbed by human cells.
Hydrogen water electrolyzed by HITAWA Hydrogen Water Bottle is small water molecule, which is the size is only 42 HZ. The size of the molecule is smaller than tap water (117 HZ), distilled water (118 HZ) and mineral water (122 HZ).
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), water molecules of good water do not exceed 100 HZ.
In conclusion, smaller water molecules are easier to penetrate into human cells and enhance cell hydration.

4. Easy to carry therefore can enjoy hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.
HITAWA Hydrogen Water Bottle is light and easy to carry around. Moreover, it can easily generate hydrogen water, so you can enjoy drinking healthy water anytime, anywhere.

There are 3 types of HITAWA Hydrogen Water Bottle, which are 500 ml (H500), 750 ml (H750) and 1500 ml (H1500).

HITAWA Hydrogen Beauty Spray
The attractiveness of HITAWA Hydrogen Beauty Spray (HA33) is the multi uses. It can effectively sterilize, relieve itchy skin, eliminate odor, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles, and to keep skin moisturized as well as whitening, therefore this product is very popular among female consumers.

HA33 takes only 60 seconds to electrolyze and generate water with active hydrogen content up to 800 ppb. After electrolysis, the water particles are tiny and can easily penetrate into the pores to achieve deep cleansing and sterilization.

Generally, the water particles of tap water are above 25 µm (micrometer), while pore size is about 25 µm, which means water cannot penetrate into the pores and can only clean the surface of the pores. However, after electrolysis with HA33, the water particles are less than 5 µm,which can penetrate deep into the pores and remove dirts from the pores.

HITAWA Hydrogen Stick
HITAWA Hydrogen Stick (H4u) takes only 3 minutes to produce a glass of water, which is rich in active hydrogen.

Place H4u in a glass, which is containing 200 ml of water. After 3 minutes of electrolysis, the glass of water in your hand is upgraded to hydrogen water.

Thanks to its compact design, the H4u’s length and weight is only 18 cm and 88 g respectively. So, it is easy to carry, and allow you to enjoy hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.